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Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

You just signed your business up for the cloud. It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s robust, it has all kinds of nifty features, your team is more productive, and you’re no longer tethered to that metal beast of a server in the dusty back spare closet. This is indeed a huge step for many small businesses and a wise step. Keeping your data in the cloud opens up so many possibilities for your business. The ability to edit a word document on your mobile device, sign important documents from your phone, share your logo or graphics with the local printer from your tablet, the possibilities are endless.

To The Cloud!
While there is no doubt that cloud computing is changing the way that we all do business, you need to be aware of one very critical, often overlooked detail. Many small business owners have a false sense of security that their data is being backed up every second. After all, when you sign up with Microsoft or Google to handle your data and software needs, you’re dealing with huge companies. There is an implied sense of security. And don’t misunderstand us, these companies have thousands of team members who are dedicated to keeping your data safe, BUT, you need another layer.

The Risks.
What if your ex disgruntled employee wipes out all of their email conversations because you didn’t remove their account fast enough? What if your password1234 password gets hacked? What if you neglected to turn on two factor authentication and someone grabs access to all of your data and then wants to sell it back to you? This happens everyday my friends and oftentimes results in companies losing ALL of their data, all of their emails, all of their chat history, all of their kitty cat social media gifs that are just waiting in the wings to be deployed.

Time To Level Up.
Your business needs to add another layer of security to all of this data. We suggest adding a 3rd party backup system such as Datto. Full disclosure, we are resellers of Datto (, but for a very good and strategic reason (other than the money making part, lol.) Datto bolts on to your cloud account and provides round the clock data backup protection. Now, if, God Forbid, your account gets hacked, you can obtain a full restore from the third party, all easy-peasey like.

Adding another layer of smart backup protection doesn’t cost a fortune, in fact it’s quite affordable and just imagine the economic impact losing all of your business data to a cyber-thug would cost.

Relax. We’re on IT.
We have a strategic partnership with Datto backup services which can save your small business some coin, we’re also experts in deploying this service and ensuring that your data is all safe and sound. Give us a call today. The call is ALWAYS free: (407) 414-6626. Now, get back to posting those cat memes.