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Meet Bobby The Button Pusher

Since he was young, he loved buttons. Red buttons, purple buttons, clicky buttons, big buttons, small buttons, and well, just about any button around. Bobby would push them all. Some made noises, some turned on lights, others irritated his sister, those were the most fun. When Bobby went to college, he gravitated towards, yup, you guessed it, button pushing. When he graduated he looked for his dream job, he knew it would involve pushing buttons

Scrolling through he found it. The dream job. A great gig. He applied, he interviewed, and he nailed down a job as an IT director at a button making factory. On his first day he jumped into the IT closet and beamed from ear to ear. He was in heaven. So many flashy lights, so many cables, so many buttons. Bobby’s new role was right up his alley, or so he thought.

About two months went by in his role and Bobby’s supervisor called him into his swanky corner office. “Bobby, where’s the IT plan for the next 5 years? I asked you to get going on that on the day you started” his boss asked. Bobby was dumbfounded. “Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were expecting a plan. I must not have heard that. Ummmm, what needs to be in the plan?” Bobby’s boss instantly knew that he had made a grave hiring mistake. “Bobby, we didn’t hire you to simply push buttons. We need an IT security plan, a software plan, a data backup plan, an end of life plan, and a hardware upgrade plan.” Bobby knew at that moment he was in way over his head. “They didn’t teach me that in school” he thought. Sadly, that was Bobby’s last day. He packed up his stuff, took a moment to take in the shiny flashing lights, and all of the buttons in the IT closet just waiting to be pushed, and walked to his car.

We’ve seen a lot of Bobby’s in our time. They know how to make the machines work, they know which buttons to push, but when it comes down to IT planning, architecture, security responses, software migration plans, etc., they lack the strategic thinking to help ensure that the business is set up for success and growth. When we meet with a new client we ask the normal questions. How old is your hardware, what operating systems are you running, what software are you running your business on? But then we dig deeper. What are your short and long term business goals? How does your sales team operate? Where does your data live? What’s your data backup and recovery plan? How much have you budgeted for software and hardware upkeep and upgrades? When your business or municipality works with Advanced Systems Solutions, you’re getting so much more than button pushers. You get our decades worth of strategic IT solutions as part of your roadmap to successful business growth.

Bobby is a great kid, he’ll land on his feet, but when your business needs horsepower, strategic IT thinking, and know-how, reach out to ASSI.

Relax. We’re On IT. Call today to schedule an IT strategy session: (407) 414-6626. We promise to NOT push YOUR buttons.