Nothing makes us happier than happy clients.

Tom and his team provide outstanding services – in quality, efficiency, and timeliness – for our team. Their expertise is a wonderful compliment to our onsite staff, and a valuable resource when special projects and difficulties arise. ASSI consistently regards us as a valued client, is extremely responsive, and thoughtful about creating solutions in line with our priorities. Most importantly, Tom is able to communicate with our organization in a manner that is clear and understandable, he is professional and personable in every interaction. Truly a company that has greatly improved our organization, and I cannot recommend them enough! Happy holidays!
Claire Whitley, Assistant City Manager, Ormond Beach
Bruce is a God-send! He’s got the talent, gives great turnaround times and top notch customer service skills. I simply wouldn’t use anyone else. Thanks to Advanced Systems Solutions for providing another valuable asset to our team!
Angela H.
Tom is one of the hardest workers that I have ever worked with. A lot of people say that about their co-workers, but this is 100% true about Tom. Tom ALWAYS does more than is required in his job description. He routinely puts in long (and odd!) hours just to make sure that everything is running smoothly at our organization. One day, he even came back to the office from his home for a meeting that I was attending in the evening to help with a problem. The best part about Tom is his optimistic nature. He is always ready to help and is always smiling. If I were an employer who needed Tom’s types of skills, I’d hire him without a second of hesitation.
Morgan G.
It’s a given that anyone in charge of technology infrastructure knows the technology; Tom certainly knows technology. Not everyone who knows the technology is a natural problem-solver; Tom analyzes situations and solves problems. Not everyone who is a problem-solver goes one giant step further to being a technology solutions strategist; Tom analyzes challenges by considering possible answers A, B and C … and then moves “outside the box” to offer a strategic solution that is effective and sustainable. Not everyone who is a technology problem-solver/strategist is a people-person; Tom is a people-person – providing calm, reasoned guidance no matter how serious the problem (or sometimes crisis). Not everyone involved with technology has a sense of humor; Tom has a great sense of humor that assuages our fears of technology. Tom recognizes that success is measured by more than doing HIS job well. He knows that success is measured by ensuring the technology works well so that the rest of us can do OUR jobs well.
Bruce R.
Tom is indeed the ‘poster child’ for a technology manager. He has a most effective way of answering questions and providing assistance to non-tech staff without causing the other person to feel totally clueless. He’s smart, friendly and extremely competent in his work. He is an effective problem-solver and works tirelessly to ensure that solutions really work. Thomas has a great sense of humor and consistently displays a very even-tempered approach with others. He’s a terrific team member and always willing to help wherever he is needed. Thomas is a terrific co-worker who applies his best effort to every task..
Sharon P.
In the five years that I have worked with Tom, he has shown himself to be one of the most knowledgeable and dependable colleagues in the organization. As a marketing manager, it’s crucial that my team has reliable technology and communication systems to be successful in our jobs. I can count on him to do everything from installing new software to troubleshooting and fixing major network issues. Tom provides stellar customer service and ensures that I have the technical support I need to do my job well.
Keesha J.A.
In the field of IT it is too often you find consultants who make things harder than they need to be and take advantage of those of us who do not understand our networks. Tom Craig is a shining star in this industry who not only makes things super easy – but has a way of assessing the needs of his clients quickly and finding a solution that works with their time and budget. Previously hiring 4 different IT companies, I can speak first hand at the frustration I felt by other contractors not “listening” to what I needed, resulting in services I did not need and costs involved that were not necessary, and in the end, my problem was not ultimately solved. When Tom arrived, not only did he fix the problems with common sense solutions, he set up processes to help us move forward as the company grows. In addition, he went above and beyond typical customer service by following up weekly to make sure all was running smoothly. I highly recommend Tom for his skill, integrity and superior customer service!
Angela H.