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The Ole’ Switcharoo

Speedy Sam sped through his morning routine. Tossing back a big ole’ bowl of sugar fortified sugar snaps cereal and guzzling a 22 ounce black coffee, he needed to get to the office… and.. Fast. He powered up the moped, snapped his helmet on and hustled and bustled his way to work. He arrived a split second before his boss did and ran to the office front door. The door swung wide and he booked it up the stairs to the eighth floor so as not to be stuck in an elevator with his boss. As he was running up the stairs his phone was going nuts, it was blowing up! Taking a quick breath, he looked down to see a text message, “Sam, something is terribly wrong, we have no network connectivity in the office, the CEO is freaking out.!” Sam knew that there was a big to do in the office today. A pitch, a pitch that required files, internet connection, bandwidth, and well, the general sense that the company had its shit together.

Sam knew exactly what the problem was. He had gotten a notification right before he hit the snooze button on his alarm clock for the eighth time. The server was not responding, the network wasn’t blinking its blinky lights. As he rounded the corner on the eighth floor, he busted into the IT closet. “Just as I thought”, he thought… The switch. The switch was switching, it wasn’t blinking, it wasn’t doing a damn thing. Suddenly, Speedy Sam had some flashbacks and heard some voices in his head. It was just six months ago when the exact same thing happened, the switch died and he had to scramble. He knew just what to do. There was an Office Smax right down the road. He could book it down there, grab a new switch and have this network up and running before his boss could say Home Consumer Electronics. He was going to save the day. This was once again, his big moment. To be the hero, the victor, the savior of the day. He would save the company from certain embarrassment during the big pitch, his boss would think he’s wonderful, and the world will be a better place.

As Sam rushed back to the office, he ripped the plastic cellophane from the box, admired its sleek design and then proceeded to install the $89.00 wonder on the rack. He made the final connection, plugged it in, and bam, shiny, flashy lights returned. The network was restored. He had saved the day. He beamed with pride and rushed to his boss’s office. “I got everything up and running, boss, and it only cost us $89.00 bucks.” Waiting for a compliment and a huge pat on the back, the response he got back surprised him. “What was the $89 part?” his boss questioned. “It was a Linksys switch boss, they were on sale at Office Smax. His boss instantly got agitated. “You put an $89 part in our network from a home office store?” Speedy Sam answered with confidence, “Yup, saved us a ton of time and money by grabbing it and installing it within minutes.” His boss proceeded to inform Sam that he just cost the company thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars by installing inferior equipment meant to run a home PlayStation, Printer, and home WiFi modem. Speedy Sam was set forth to find a new job.

Enterprise level hardware does cost money. But, it costs money because its built with security in mind, speed, redundancy, durability, power surges, hackers, and so much more. Your business network should NOT be running on inferior stuff. They aren’t built to last, they aren’t built to secure a business network, and they aren’t built for shortcuts. Need help with your IT Infrastructure? We’ve got your back. From switches, to servers, cabling, backups, and more, Advanced Systems Solutions knows what it takes to keep your business running like a top. Give us a call today for a hardware/system consultation, we WILL make your life easier, and your network more reliable. Relax, We’re On IT. Call 407-414-6626. We can’t wait to meet you!