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Who Moved My IT Cheese?

“It never pays to be cheap.” – Tom’s Dad.

You’re in business to make money, so are we. And sometimes the almighty dollar has to play into the decisions that we make as an organization. After all, there’s payroll, power bills, Mike the accountant’s expensive mountain dew habit, and so many other expenses that fly at us. Being frugal can certainly pay off, but trying to spare some cheddar when your entire infrastructure is on the line is beyond dangerous and can be not so GRATE. (How many cheesy dad jokes do you think we can work into this post?)

Moving your business can be a daunting task. The nick nacks, those unruly chair mats with the razor sharp teeth of a puppy, the white boards, the coffee maker (lest we forget), and the computers. Servers, switches, LAN cables, HDMI cables, those cables you’ve had laying around since 1986 that you might need someday, monitors, routers, 36k modems (just kidding), mice, keyboards, well, you get it.

Moving the backbone of your business is not for the faint of heart and we’ve seen it all at ASSI. Recently, we had a client who declined our IT moving services to save a few dollars. The result, a little bit of chaos. When ASSI arrived on the scene donning our freshly pressed ASSI polos and dad jeans to make the magic happen, things we in more than disarray. Cables from Mike’s office were on Janet’s desk, laptops were in the break room, monitors from the server room ended up in the HR offices, cats were sleeping with dogs, it just got weird, quick. The business owner became flustered with our team wondering why we weren’t springing into action. While customer service is always at the forefront of our business, we had to explain to the frustrated owner that we don’t work this way. We can’t make sense out of the chaos, therefore, we can’t spend days trying to decode the rather complex puzzle in front of us.

Here’s a few tangible ASSI tips to help your next move be as zen like as a monk by a waterfall sipping on a Belgian beer enjoying some brie.

  • Hire The People. Please don’t skimp on this part. Hire a professional IT company to organize, label, wrap, and disassemble your IT goodies.
  • Prior to your move, take copious photos of each workstation with appropriate labels, this is always a great help.
  • Have your new suite mapped out with easy to understand codes/labels to ensure that the IT company knows exactly what your layout is going to look like.
  • Orchestrate your ISP activation, cabling etc., to be up and running at your new facility prior to the move day so that things can go smashingly well upon arrival of your gear.
  • If your IT company is anything as cool as ASSI, they will ensure that your workstations are setup with TLC. That includes clean cabling, stuff out of sight that doesn’t need to be in sight, clean racking setups, and more. Your team will be ready to rock and roll the second that we leave the building.

With a bit of planning, financial resources, and trust, your team can have a seamless IT move into the digs of your next empire headquarters. Like many things, the key here is hiring the professionals who do this on the daily.

If you’re planning your next move, please keep Advanced Systems Solutions in mind. Relax, we’re on IT. Call (407) 414-6626 or visit our contact page and we’ll get back in touch ASAP.

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