The Advantages of Having a Domain

The Advantages of Having a Domain

We have a client that has grown dramatically since we began supporting them two years ago. As they have grown, their technology needs have grown with them. It started simply, with additions of QuickBooks and timekeeping software but has evolved into a machine that is getting too complex to remain reactive. The best way for them to become proactive is to implement a server-based domain that manages their workstations. This will take them from being in a “Workgroup” and they will now be part of a “Domain”.

A workgroup works well for small offices and is the most economical solution, but as the business grows, it takes too much time and resources to manage all devices and maintain a secure environment. There is no security control in a workgroup whereas a domain provides a central controlling administrative center.

A domain is fantastic when data collaboration is high on your organizations agenda and maintaining a stable environment is critical to daily operations. Assigning permissions based on job role and functionality is easily accomplished therefore ensuring your data is secure.

The biggest gain when implementing the server will be security. The domain server will hold the list of approved workstations and accounts that can access data. With a workgroup, each computer keeps track of user accounts individually. This becomes an issue as the company grows and managers must be able to easily remove access for the old employee and grant the same permissions to a new team member.

As the organization grows, various management solutions will be required to save the time of manually check each computer. Network administrators can better control security in the domain because their changes are automatically made on all computers.

Maintaining compliance with security standards is a daunting task with a workgroup whereas having a domain provides the tools to easily configure the appropriate security settings.  Antivirus and performance management tools load much easier with a domain account and can take hours out of setup of these two solutions alone.

In a workgroup, all computers must be within the same subnet. In a domain, the computers can be on different subnets. This allows the organization to segment workstations that access sensitive information and decrease the chance of this data being accessed or corrupted. Segmenting is also critical when payment processing is involved because it decreases the scope and lowers the cost of maintaining PCI compliance.

Having a domain will ensure that management can rest easy knowing that user accounts are restricted to the solutions they need. Implementing solutions going forward will be simplified therefore reducing project costs.


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