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Hover Before You Click

When business owners ask me what the best tip is for keeping their organization safe, I say it is keeping your employees on their toes. Simply starting the conversation of security within your organization greatly increases your security stance.
Tom & Tom Discuss Hovering Before Clicking

When discussing IT security, it is important to make the information as relatable as possible. It is hard to engage people when it comes to talking about technology so if you can create real-world examples it helps the listener to make the connection.

I am asked every week from someone how to tell if an email is legitimate. I received an email recently that stated that I had a voicemail message, but it did not look like the normal message we receive. I wanted to see if it was legitimate or not, so I used a couple of quick tricks to determine if it was a valid message.

Photo displaying fake email received. Signs that is a false email were incorrect domain name in the senders email address and unrecognizable links in the body of the email.
A Screenshot of the Fake Email I Received

When you look at the above image, here are two signs that this is not valid that you can use to see where it really came from:

  1. If you look at the return address, I see the domain is which has nothing to do with my organization or phone system.
  2. DON’T CLICK, but If you hover over the link, download, it shows that it points to which again has nothing to do with my organization or phone system.

By discussing security with your staff, you empower them to make informed decisions and let them know it is better to ask if they are unsure about something.  

I would MUCH rather answer 50 questions a day related to the legitimacy of emails than clean up a corporate wide infection because someone was afraid to ask and clicked on a bad link.

Pick a new topic each month and send details in an email to all staff or include it with your monthly newsletter. Even better, make it a 5-minute topic in staff meetings so there is an opportunity for people to ask questions and discuss their security-related questions.

Be safe my friends!

We at Advanced Systems Solutions have helped many organizations protect their employees. If you’re looking for a support company to keep your organization protected, with unmatched customer service, contact us. We love to help!


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