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Looking to Upgrade the Conference Room?

Orlando was the host to enterprise Connect last week, which focuses on enterprise IP Telephony, Networks and Unified Communications. Logitech was in attendance and was showcasing their options for small, medium, and large conference rooms.  

What caught my eye was their solution to make videoconferencing easy by providing an easy-to-navigate screen for use with solutions such as, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Logitech’s Tap is the new 10.1” touch-screen control unit eliminates the need for remote controls and trying to remember the order in which they are turned on.  No more having to logon to the computer and navigating through the steps to join a conference.

The Tap makes all this easier at the cost of $999 and it easily connects to your computer. All A/V devices connect to the computer and the Tap connects via a single 10- or 25-meter cable and a power cable. The only thing that would be more appealing would be a wireless connection to the Tap so that is could be anywhere on the conference room table.

Logitech is leading the way with videoconferencing solutions that are on par with expensive systems but are much more affordable. If you are curious to know more about options for your conference room, check out their MeetUp, Tally, and RallyPlus solutions. And plan to add a few Mic Pods for quality in larger rooms!

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