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The Google Two-Step

Angela works in the office next to me. She and I have worked together on and off for almost 30 years so I would have thought that she would have certainly picked up on all my tips and tricks. Imagine my surprise that she has never heard of me speak about my Two-Step Rule.  

I have been preaching the Google Two-Step Rule for years and it is much easier than learning to Tango. When people are researching on the Internet,
they use various search engines and this rule applies to many of them.

When you search for something online, you usually see links for related items. For example, if you are searching for paint, you might see a link that speaks about a “Super Easy Super-Paint”. Well we all want Super-Paint, so you are inclined to click on the link.  BUT DON’T! This is where the Two-Step rule comes into play. Never go two steps away from your original search.

In this instance, we should go back to the search engine (Google, Wiki, Bing, DuckDuckGo, whatever you use), and perform a new search for Super-Paint. This allows most search engines to perform a scan of the site and
present you with a safe environment.

So please resist the temptation to click on that new super easy recipe at the bottom of the page and go perform a new search for that recipe.

Be safe my friends!

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