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How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Infrastructure in 10 Minutes

I was at a location recently to connect a device and needed to connect to the Wi-Fi, so I was given a password and logged on successfully to their network. As I was working on the configuration of their new equipment I tried to connect to the Internet to no avail. I could connect to their network, but not out to the Internet. I instantly assumed the problem was with me since the employees were all working away without complaint and went through my usual steps to test. I didn’t find anything that would prevent me from connecting through their network so I sheepishly asked if there was an Internet issue (some computer guy huh?). To my surprise I was told…”to connect to the Internet, you must make the following changes to your computer”… wait, what? There are devices failing to work properly in your environment, but you trust them to support your day-to-day operations?

This is an issue that is not uncommon at all. All too often we visit new client locations to find that there are misconfigurations or failing devices that are hindering efficiency, yet business owners and IT support staff simply accept them. What happens when someone who is not familiar with the bugs in the system tries to support your operations? Most of the time these issues are not documented because “that is just the way it is.”

Back in 1999 my co-worker Louis had little plastic bugs taped all over his monitor. When I asked why he had them all there, he said it was to remind him of all the “bugs” that we know are in a system but choose to ignore because we have a workaround. By keeping that in mind, Louis made sure that these items were either addressed or documented.

If you or one of any member of your staff couldn’t come to work, could another person get around the bugs that you have accepted as a part of the day-to-day procedures? These issues must be addressed and repaired so that they do not become pests to someone who is not familiar with them.

Yes, you can hire my company to perform penetration testing or a security audit, but nobody knows your systems better than you do. There is no one better suited to point out the hindrances than you and your staff face when performing tasks. Take ten minutes to make a list of hindrances that are present in your current network. Perhaps ask your co-workers to do the same for you. Perhaps the issue for you is that when you set up new employees on the VPN, a special setting is required. Perhaps it is that two systems do not connect automatically, and you must perform a few extra steps to make processes function correctly. Identify any issues that hinder a seamless experience in your organization, make a note of them…then make a plan to address them.

Prioritize the issues, whatever they may be, and don’t let them become the bugs that you ignore. By taking the time to begin this list, you will initiate conversations that highlight other areas of improvement. Addressing these inefficiencies, no matter how small they may seem, will lead to a better experience for your employees and smoother operations for your organization.

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