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How Organizations Will Stay Connected in 2019

I was recently asked to compile a list of some of the best technology in use and I thought I would share two technologies that I think are huge game changers.

Data Backup Solutions

For the fact that antivirus is not as effective as it once was, other solutions are required for IT to effectively keep data for the organizations safe. Thankfully solutions are now available that provide new strategies for protecting data.

New backup solutions provide a small device in your location then replicates data to the cloud. Having the small device onsite is critical to perform provide fast and easy file restorations. Without the device onsite, file restoration times are dependent on Internet access speeds that make it quite painful to watch when the heat is on to restore services.

I recently witnessed a site using VEEAM cloud backup services. Their service is topnotch when it comes to data backup, but when a server crashed, and a server restoration was performed, the restore times were hampered by data speeds across the internet.

With the small device onsite, a virtual copy of your server can be up and running on the device in less than 5 minutes while you address the server hardware or software problem. Once you have the server issue resolved, you can switch back over from the device in less than 10 minutes.

These services used to cost thousands of dollars followed by a monthly bill of a few hundred dollars more. Thankfully competition has driven the costs down to just a couple hundred dollars per month with no up-front costs.

4G LTE Internet Failover

Natural disasters can happen to any of us no matter our geographical location. Even when the disaster is somewhat localized, the impacts can be detrimental to a business out of the affected area.

During a hurricane that came across Florida, the storms knocked out power for many days in some areas. Service took a long time to restore because crews were working on the hardest hit areas first. Many businesses that had no physical damage and no loss of power, also had no internet services for almost a week.

The solution to their problem? 4G LTE failover routers. These devices made it possible for businesses to automatically connect to cellular services for the organization to stay connected.

While the speeds are not as fast as your fiber optic connection having the ability to at least send/receive email and access a few online services can ensure that your organization does not fall behind.

Again, prices on these devices have dropped to where a quality device can be purchased for under $500 and Internet failover service is $100 a month on average with an annual subscription.


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