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Antivirus Solutions Are Not Going To Keep You Protected

In days past, if you had a good antivirus solution and keep your systems up to date there was very little chance of your system becoming infected. Unfortunately, with the fast-changing world of ransomware, this is no longer true.

The issue is that new forms of ransomware are being churned out so quickly that it is making it impossible for antivirus and antimalware solutions to keep up.

This is not a recent revelation at all. In 2014 the senior vice president of Symantec, Brian Dye, told the Wall Street Journal that antivirus was dead. At the time, he was referring to the fact that additional tools were needed to keep organizations safe such as spam protection and restricting access to malicious websites.

69 percent of companies surveyed by Ponemon said that they don’t believe that antivirus provides adequate protection for their systems.

But much has changed since Brian’s statement and relying of the traditional database containing malicious websites and signatures of dangerous code is not possible. A good analogy I recently heard was that traditional endpoint protection was alike a game of Whac-A-Mole. As new threats were learned, antivirus companies would acknowledge the threat and rush to create a solution.

While it is important to maintain some level of antivirus protection, we can throw all the technology possible and it will still be possible for human error to make our efforts all for not. We can have firewalls in place, endpoint detection in use, URL filtering turned on, and a security information management tools in use and it will still not help is an employee that clicks on a malicious threat that entered the company via trojan horse.

The best protection is to create a solid data backup plan. Your backup solution can not be a simple replication of data to an external solution. It must be encrypted and offer the ability to detect changes in data structure that will heighten the ability to detect ransomware.

Create a data backup plan or plan to lose your data…you make the choice.

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