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Is Your IT Support Team Proactive?

“What do you do again Tom?” That is the question I get from many people who I’ve met in the last few years. They are aware that we help companies with their computers, but that is about the extent of it.

Not all my friends are so cool as to have pocket protectors, a love for ZDNet, and get excited at the benefits of an SSD in a laptop, so the best way I can describe what we do is to explain how we detect issues before they become show stopping problems.

My friend Andy Storch recently pointed out that I should highlight the benefits of how we at ASSI work to deliver proactive services with a real client story. The light bulb turned on and I think today’s work is a perfect example of proactive services.

We deploy software that checks in with computers, servers, and other devices every 30 seconds. Last week our technicians received notification that one of a few hard drives within a server was failing.

When we build servers, we configure them in a way that a hard drive can fail without users of the server noticing. If TWO hard drives go bad, we have a bigger problem. Therefore, it is important to replace a failed drive as quickly as possible.

We determined the make and model of the failed hard drive and contacted the client with details and the fact that a replacement was required.

Had nobody paid attention to that email, the issue would eventually cause a domino effect as time goes on. Corruption of data backups, degradation of services, and ultimately a server failure would cost the company the time to rebuild the server and restore services. During the troubleshooting, repair, and rebuild of the server, employees would be unable to complete their assigned tasks.

The replacement hard drive arrived, and we went onsite today to replace the failed drive. The cost to the client was the price of the replacement drive and 1 hour of labor.

The data is now populating the failed drive and by tomorrow morning everything should be at 100%.

That is far cheaper than many hours of labor and costly employee downtime. More importantly, THEIR clients never had an interruption in service which makes our clients look like the rock stars that they are.

Does your IT team need help staying on top of issues before they become problems for your employees? We can help with our cost-effective solutions that will turn your team into superheroes!


We at Advanced Systems Solutions have helped many organizations become proactive in monitoring their infrastructure. If you’re looking for a support company to help keep you up and running, with unmatched customer service, please contact us. We love to help!

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Disclaimer: The above information is not intended as technical advice. Additional facts or future developments may affect subjects contained herein. Seek the advice of an IT Professional before acting or relying on any information in this communiqué.