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The Biggest Lesson to Take Away from 2018.

When I sit down to write a post, the first thing that comes to mind is what is it that will be most helpful. With this being the last post of the year, I thought we should share what we have seen as the biggest growing trend. Some would suggest that the biggest trend in technology is Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, or Digital Twins…but while all of those are growing trends, they fall short of what we are witnessing.

The biggest trend in IT works faster than a cryptominer, is smarter than AI, and can crush the life-cycle of a digital twin. I am talking about Ransomware. While it may be illegal in some parts of the world, there is no way that law enforcement can keep up with the criminals and are unable to offer any assistance to victims.

While it is not the latest technology on the market, the problem is that Ransomware is even available in the market in the first place. I first learned about Ransomware as a service (RaaS) in late 2016 and was stunned by what I learned.

RaaS is a type of Software as a Service (SaaS) platform available on the internet. Among the many kinds of SaaS provided by tech vendors, ransomware as a service is different as it represents an offering used by criminals to attack IT systems.

Stampado was first on the marketplace for just $39. The developers went on to create Philadelphia, a more sophisticated offering priced at $389.

The ad reads “Stampado is a Quick-Deploy Ransomware with a dreamly (sic) price that allows you to start your first campaign in seconds! You do not need servers, and the payment options will be as many as you know, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or whatever else.  Just run Stampedo and you’ll be presented with a panel where you will find everything you need. Generate builds, create and track campaigns, decrypting individual files (for victims that want proof that you will do so once they pay), and generate Decryption Keys.”

The software is readily available on the Dark Web and is accompanied with links to production-quality videos on YouTube. The creators even offer online support for customers to ask question and troubleshoot any issues.

I am seeing attacks that are increasing in sophistication and our partners in the antivirus industry (Norton, Sophos, and TrendMicro) have admitted that they are no longer effective tools for protection.

So, the safety of your data is no longer from just those crafty nefarious hackers but from any loser with Internet access and $389 available on a stolen credit card.

So what is the lesson to be had? Create a multifaceted backup approach as we described here.

Create a data backup plan or plan to lose your data…you make the choice.

Thank all of you for your ongoing support and we at ASSI raise our glasses to wish all of you a prosperous and safe 2019!

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