How to Avoid Costly Mistakes when Migrating to the Cloud
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How to Avoid Costly Mistakes when Migrating to the Cloud

The biggest mistake when moving to cloud-based solutions is not having a full understanding of the potential pitfalls. You must understand not just what the benefits are but what the potential “gotchas” are as well.

Being prepared for issues that may occur makes for a smoother process and will ensure that your organization does not experience downtime in your migration to the cloud.

We recently saw an organization that had moved their email service to the cloud and when migrating they had incorrectly configured a connector to their local server that allowed an open relay for any entity on the internet to use their email server. Again, this was a simple oversight of the configuration of a setting. Your connections to services should be set securely to only allow traffic from those entities which are doing business within the cloud.

Many small and medium businesses find that if they follow the instruction book for product installations there’s usually something missing that keeps the solution from working as efficiently as possible. The same can be said for the implementation of IT security. Following the book will get the product up and operational, but unless you are following standard security best practices security, holes can be opened into your network.

A migration to cloud-based services should be a well thought out process. There are cost savings and additional functionality to be gained with cloud-based services but to minimize your risk, plan your migration with the worse case scenario being identified for each step.


We at Advanced Systems Solutions have helped many organizations with their cloud-based migrations to save our them money and maximize their security posture. If you’re looking for a support company that can assist with cutting edge solutions with unmatched customer service, contact us. We love to help!


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